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World Social Forum / Tunis 2013


World Social Forum / Tunis 2013

 Representatives of Tammuz Organization for Social Development Sabri Karim and Imad Jassim participated in the activities of the world social forum under the slogan (Another World is possible), and the forum hold in Tunis for the period from 26-30/03/2013 within the forum a delegation of Iraqi civil social organization, which included thirty associate from south, middle and north of Iraq, in addition to the participation of the International Initiative of Solidarity with the Civil Society (Organization of Un Ponte Per Italian) and the representatives of Information Center for Research and Development Jassim al-Helfi & Shamkhi Jabar, and Ali Sahib coordinator of Iraqi Social Forum, which is hoped to be hold in Baghdad/Iraq at the end of November 2013, as well as participation ( No to Violence Campaign- from Basra, Campaign to Resist Discrimination against Minorities-from Mosul, Campaign to save Tigris River-from Jordan, Freedom of Expression campaign/ Defense Association of Journalists Rights-Baghdad, colleague Shatha Naji of Women for Peace Organization-Baghdad and participation of organizations from Kurdistan.

An overview about World Social Forum in Tunis 2013 that is aiming to:
1. To end imperialism in the south to the north through development new forms of the social expresses against political dictatorial and market economy, and to restoring the people rights in determination its destiny and sovereignty over the resources. 
2. For a world free of dominations and imperialism control that are practicing through debts and free trade as a means for poverty and possession of resources through nationalism and capitalism and even through neoliberal social policies as war machines against people.
3- To build new world by response to the crisis civilization and trafficking of life that based on environmental justice, comprehensive access, and the preservation of the planet as a source of life, especially land, water, forests, renewable energy, biodiversity, and the rights of indigenous peoples, diasporas, cultures, identities, languages and knowledge.
4. To build people on the basis of principles, diversity dignity, justice and equality for all people regardless of gender, culture, age, disability, religious beliefs and respect for individual and civil collective, political, economic, social, cultural and environmental rights, and the elimination on all forms of oppression and discrimination based on racial, class hatred and sexual tendencies and others.
5. For freedom of movement and stability of all specially emigrants, refugees, victims of trafficking, indigenous people and minority under occupation, state of wars and disputes and full respect of their civil, political, economy, social, cultural and environmental rights.
6. for cognitive justice: for the right peoples that are non-disposable, in the cultural heritage of mankind, to end of intellectual decolonization, democratization of knowledge and cultures, technology and communication, and for a fundamental change to the systems of intellectual property rights and scientific research.
7. In order to build a democratic fusion tracks and unitary among peoples to achieve their aspirations for dignity and well-being where answers about domination and division strategies, and spreading of solidarity forms that promote cooperation among peoples
8. To a world free of war as a means for domination of economy, political and cultural, and the military bases, nuclear weapons, and respect the people rights to determine its destiny, exploitation of resources and preserve people that is living in the occupation lands or conflicted country. 
9. For world free of democracy discrimination ensures the participation all in life, the political and economic decisions on the whole levels local, nation and international in the frame of foundations and real democracy samples including United Nation System and International Financial Foundations.  
10. To build alternative for capitalism and neoliberal globalization based on the principles of cooperation, achieve tax justice, redistribution of the global wealth with a focus on the basic needs of the people, and to highlight new ways of production, consumption and trade, using renewable energy non-nuclear and prevent tax havens.
11. The future of Forum: for the sake of mass thinking about the social movements, concepts of new struggles, the trend of world social forum and the future strategies to ensure the effectiveness of another world is possible and urgent for all.
The activities of forum launched in the afternoon on 25 March by participating in a large and long march of more than fifty thousand participants attended from the most nations of the world for solidarity, peace, dignity, support revolutions and express about reject of globalization. The march launched from al-Sa'a Avenue in Habib Boriqa'a Street to distance 5 kilo meter including words and popular events, where the Iraqi delegation participated in the march raising the Iraqi flag, repeating the nationalism shouts.  
In the second day (26/03/2013), the cultural and sessions activities started in Manar University/Tunis and made some interviews with delegations to interchange ideas and views that aim to continuing among nations, facing the international economic crisis and advertising the principle of increasing consumption in our planet. We were notifying the activities of participating delegations from different countries, and introducing of Iraqi civil society and their efforts to set up Iraqi society forum. It has been distributing folders of Tammuz Organization and exchange of cards in order to keep in touch, as well as attending a number of sessions in this day.
We participated in the activities of international initiative for solidarity with civil society on 27/03/2013 such as session about Palestine and session about freedom of speech.
The session perceptions of the political situation in Iraq presented by Jassim Hilfi, discussing the backgrounds of the general crisis and its causes, the nature of Iraqi economy, the protests and the crisis of confidence, as well as discussing prospects out of the political crisis in Iraq and emergency solutions of crisis and offering of the final exit of it. Dr.Faris presented a session dealt with the subject of Islamic political.
It was also held a session about the Iraqi Social Forum and the colleague Esmail Dawood facilitated from (Un Ponte Per Organization), and Martina from Italia presented the initiative efforts in setting up of social forum, in addition to offers by colleague, Terry from American, an intervention on the Iraqi Social Forum.
The colleague Sabri Karim discussed targets the Iraqi Social Forum that Tammuz Organization for Social Development working on it within the Preparatory Committee of the forum (in collaboration with the Italian Organization of Un Ponte Per), which will be held in Baghdad under the slogan Another Iraq is possible, Iraq of peace, human rights and social justice. In addition to deal with the preparations and the mechanisms of the organization within the Preparatory Committee, with discussing the preparatory activities for the establishing of the Iraqi Social Forum, and the call to support and attend the Iraqi Social Forum, and participate in its activities to build a democratic civil state based on individual freedom and social justice. 
The colleague Ali Sahib, the coordinator of the Preparatory Committee of the Forum, discussed the mechanism of the preparatory meetings, and preliminary races for Marathon in Baghdad, and ongoing efforts for the establishing of the Iraqi Social Forum during the year 2013. 
On 03/28/2013 we attended the session that held by the International Initiative on the monitoring campaign of private security companies.
On 29/03/2013 participation in the session to save the Tigris River where colleague Salam presented, representative of Ahl al-Iraq campaign to save the Tigris River - from Oman, a summary about dams in Turkey on the Tigris River and its direct impact on the river and the call to put pressure on Turkey to stop building dams. The colleagues from India, Brazil, Peru and Italy agreed with us about the campaign and put their struggle in their countries in order to keep the water for all human beings, and the construction of dams and Mines on rivers.
On the same day 29/03/2013, the colleague Jassim Hilfi presented a session at the World Social Forum on youth unemployment in the Middle East and North Africa, through the lecture which included the following themes:
1-The work is right that included the international conventions
2-Kinds of unemployment 
3-Youth unemployment 
4-Unempolyment in Iraq among youth
5-Unemployment in North Africa
6-Lack of employment skills among young people
7-The work laws are not enough to protect youths
8-The events of wars and attacks that result a lot of threatens
9-Spreading of financial, administrative corruption and poor planning 
At the end of session Jassim al-Hifi presented the following recommendations:
The handling of unemployment is one of the main bookmarks when wordage of economic policies and approval of annuity budget
Legislation of laws that guarantee protection against unemployment and payments for the unemployed rather than work for while providing job opportunities
The relevant authorities issued bulletins on career opportunities available and manpower, in addition to gathering information about the unemployed
Stay away from detriments of quotas and nepotism in the recruitment of young people, and provide job opportunities based on qualifications.
Support of local sector to extend in its activities, and to be the priority for natives. 
On 30/03/2013 the closing ceremony of the forum, and it was distributed folders of Tammuz Organization and gifts to colleagues from the International Initiative of Solidarity with civil social, and colleagues thanked our organization, and expressed their pride in the organization and its role in the founding of the Iraqi Social Forum. 
So the international social forum in Tunis was remark for the following reasons:
1-Wide participation of activists from most nations of the world about 80 thousand of participants from broad and home 
2- Perfect organization of forum activities 
3-Support of Tunisian State Foundations for forum, and permit for the participants to freely act and expression about their opinion
4- Cooperation of Tunisian with the participants from aboard
5- Receiving of delegates by the concerned bodies
6- Provide transportation from and to University in Manar region where events and activities
7- Freedom of speech
Official Tunisia's television had a meeting with colleague Sabri Karim on 25.03.2013 on the participation of the Iraqi delegation at the opening of Iraq's participation in forum, and the message conveyed by Iraq to the Tunisian people.
With cordiality
Sabri Karim Karaz
Manager of Organization Management

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