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Tammuz participates in special working group on protection in Baghdad and Al-Anbar


Tammuz participates in special working group on protection in Baghdad and Al-Anbar

 On Sunday 26/5/2019, represented by our colleague Mohammed Zaki, Tammuz Organization for Social Development participated in the meeting of the Working Group on Protection Issues in Baghdad and Al-Anbar, the purpose of the meeting was on the updating of information of camps and displaced persons.  it was held at the headquarters of the NGO Coordinating Committee (NCCI) in addition to the use of electronic communication techniques to get in touch with the other organizations in Al-anbar province, that were gathered at the headquarters of the IRC office in Ramadi. The meeting was attended by a number of representatives of civil society organizations for the purpose of sharing information and finding solutions to the problems facing the IDPs, including: (UNHCR, IRC, DRC, NRC, IOM, UMIS, LCN) Sabe’ Sanabel and Khayamat. The meeting covered the issues of protection in the camps of Amiriya Fallujah and the camps of Syahiyah city in Al-Habaniya, addressing the problems of services and the issue of return of displaced persons to their areas of residence and obstacles to return, notably lack of services and the demolition of some homes and the lack of sources of income for families in the event of return.


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