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Leadership skills and Advocative Campaigns Administration


Leadership skills and Advocative Campaigns Administration


On 8/10/2019, Tammuz Organization for Social Development participated in the workshop held at Al-Rashid Hotel at the invitation of the (Baghdad Women's Association) and with the support of the Norwegian People Aid Organization within the Project  (to Promote the Participation of Women in Leadership and Decision-making in the campaign # Our Family - We Protect) On leadership and campaign management, in the presence of a number of female deputies in the Iraqi Council of Representatives, advisor to the President of the Iraqi Council of Representatives, Mr. Muhammad Al-Halbousi, and members of the provincial councils, as well as representatives of the High Commissioner for Human Rights and academies from Baghdad, Salahuddin, Babil, Erbil, Dohuk, Nineveh, and a number of activists of community organizations For a civilian, at the beginning of the training workshop, attendees were welcomed and given a quick summary of the advocacy campaign * Our family protect it * Under the slogan Make Your Opposition to Domestic Violence a Law Since 2015 Aiming to Revolutionize Legislative Amendments of Policies and Laws Concerning Women's Rights in Iraq in line with International Agreements and Achieving a Balance Gender contributes to reducing violence and discrimination against women and girls in national legislation, and the campaign emerged at the beginning of a legislative review.

The objectives of the workshop are summarized as follows: - Political empowerment of women members of the Iraqi parliament to be more capable and responsive in demanding the issues and priorities of Iraqi women and to create a communication mechanism.

 The workshop axes included several issues, the most important of which (advocacy issues, networking and building alliances, determining the problem that will be worked on, influencing decision makers, mechanisms for influencing the public, where the training workshop dealt with advocacy and what is its importance and what are its goals: - is every action directed towards changing Policies, attitudes, or programs for any type of institution. Advocacy expresses directing the attention of society to an important issue. Directing decision makers to research is not a solution.

Its importance: - Most of the issues of society cannot be addressed at the individual level, and it is necessary to support decision makers to implement and support various development programs,

There are many development issues and priorities and advocacy defines the priorities that must be considered before others and highlights them in the media and also on social media.

Its: to convey the voice of the voiceless people to the concerned bodies.

-showing solidarity to those with issues that concerns and effects on society to convey and declare their issues.

-promoting and strengthening or changing policies, programs or legislations.

Among the most important stages of the work plan: -

1- Preparation stage: - The first stage of the advocacy campaign, which begins with the formation of different committees, with an explanation of its mechanism of work and responsibility,

2- The implementation phase: - The second stage of an action plan for the advocacy campaign that contains various activities that include achieving the desired goals of the campaign

3- Follow-up and evaluation stage: - The last stage of the advocacy work plan

The workshop's most prominent outputs were to build a sustainable communication mechanism between women MPs and activists and enable them to find a participatory formula that serves feminist work and promotes demand for Iraqi women and girls' issues and priorities,

It is worth noting that Tammuz organization is one of the organizations that has accompanied the advocacy campaigns for the approval of the law against domestic violence since 2014 in addition to the organization's activities to empower women at the economic and political level through workshops and seminars held by the organization's staff


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Tammuz Organization for Social Development

10 October 2019

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