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Under the slogan of " Together, in solidarity and combining efforts, we will get to Safety"


Under the slogan of  " Together, in solidarity and combining efforts, we will get to Safety"

 Addressed to /

The Reverent President of the Republic.

The Reverent Prime Minister.

The Reverent Iraqi Parliament Speaker.

Mr. Head of the Crisis Cell, formed by the esteemed resolution no(55). 

Demands for community protection and prevention in the Corona pandemic

Kindest greetings from Tammuz Organization for Social Development

                         Peace be upon Iraq, its people, and all parts of the world and its people.

At a time when the world, including Iraq, is exposed to a dangerous pandemic that threatens the lives of millions of people, it does not distinguish between a developed country and others, nor does it distinguish between a poor and rich in the transmission of the virus and its symptoms except by the behaviors of prevention and adherence to the measures of health prohibition and stay at home and the strength of the immunity of the people that depend heavily On good nutrition and the availability of basic needs, this crisis and the governmental measures taken resulted in economic and social damages that greatly affected a large segment of the workers, travelling vendors, employees of daily wages and , due to the lockdown, permanent suspension  of working hours and the imposition of a comprehensive curfew              

This will cause them to face the challenge of hunger and need ... in addition to the challenge of Virus Corona. It should be noted that the most vulnerable groups in society are the elderly, the sick and the poor, and in these situations they are most vulnerable to being infected with the virus, as we cannot guarantee that the poor and those with limited income remain in their homes in compliance with the prohibition measures that may continue for an unknown time (due to the continued registration of infected cases with high numbers expected to registered during the next few weeks),  Without finding effective solutions parallel to the prohibition measures to help those with limited income from earning and workers who cannot find their strength and the daily food for their children. And so that there is no justification for breaking the quarantine by some and granting law enforcement forces the confidence to apply the required protection to prevent the spread of the epidemic, we address you with societal demands that we see as important and urgent necessities to protect people wherever they are in this country.

 Demands submitted by Tammuz Organization for Social Development to protect individuals and society from the Corona pandemic


1- Improving the quality of the items distributed.

2- Increasing its quantity to suit the actual need.

3-Adding necessary items such as: tea - detergents (soap - washing powder - chlorine - cleaning gel - Dettol) - milk - tomato paste - pasta - noodles - meat - various legumes - canned cheese - local poultry meat .

Distribution and handling method:

1- Providing transport vehicles under the name (the national effort for food support) consisting of volunteers and governmental and non-governmental wheels to take over tasks after providing necessary work permits, for example (Baghdad has approximately one thousand locals and it needs approximately (500-700) trucks between large And medium and even small ones and this is not a big number to meet the distribution process for the entire province of Baghdad.

2- Distributing the food ration with cars that roam the streets to reach families in their dwellings (door knockout method) based on the ration card, which is sealed according to the materials distributed for a period of one month, which can be extended according to the emergency circumstance. After it is divided into small and sterile portions under health supervision.

3- Agreement with vegetable stores to deliver their goods to homes to ensure that there is no uncontrolled mixing, an epidemic or a food crisis. After it is divided according to specific weights, it is tightly closed with plastic bags and sterilized with health supervision at specific prices and under supervision to avoid exploitation cases.

4- Agreement with ovens and bakeries to distribute their products packed in known quantities.

5- The sums are received from individuals by placing them in a sterile box without touching them, and the remainder is returned by the seller after he has previously prepared small and sterile currencies.

6- Supporting needy families and providing them with what they need to sustain their lives.

7- Take the phone numbers of the individual in charge of the family to communicate with him and exchange information.

8- Sending messages through various social media to raise awareness and education about the dangers of the epidemic and its related details.

9- Providing free and known means of communication to all with the responsible executive authorities.

10- The door knocking process is carried out with known and announced times at the various media outlets and under the protection and protection of the security authorities, and in this way we will ensure more demand for acceptance of checks and reports of infected cases and cooperation between individuals, society and government agencies.


1- It is necessary to provide necessary supplies for transportation trucks such as fuel and some maintenance procedures in cooperation with the relevant authorities.

2- Mobility permits.

3- Coordination between the security forces, health authorities, vegetable sales centers (Alwa) and retail stores.

4- Continuing with health awareness, as well as stressing quarantine and the dangers of coronavirus.

5- Intensifying efforts through health cadres, strengthening security forces, and implementing the decisions of the Crisis Cell, while finding realistic solutions to some of my obstacles that may arise through daily work.


Tammuz Organization for Social Development

4th April 2020

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