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Youth basis for Progress in Iraq


Youth basis for Progress in Iraq

 On 16-17 October 2020, in cooperation with the Friedrich Ebert Foundation, Tammuz Organization for Social Development held the fourth training workshop for the third class of the Young Leaders Program on "Political Participation" for two days in Sulaymaniyah, and in the presence of 18 young women from different governorates of Iraq, the trainer and activist Hassan Wahhab, who started the training by adhering to the health measures and protocols to keep everyone safe.

On the first day, training was on political topics and public policies, the concept of youth political participation, the extent of the individual’s preoccupation with political matters within their community, and their familiarity with political issues, whether at the local or international level, where the young person must have a positive role in the political process through the voluntary exercise of this right For the age group between 18-35 within the youth age standards.

The importance of youth participation in the political process was clarified and stipulated in national and international laws and charters, such as the constitution, the laws of parties and elections, the international charter for human rights, the UN Security Council Resolution 2250 and its importance arising from its issuing authority represented as one of the United Nations agencies responsible for maintaining international peace and security. Where the Security Council has authority over the governments of member states, so its decisions are binding on member states.

Among the most important pillars supporting youth in Resolution 2250: (participation, protection, oversight, partnerships, disengagement and reintegration, "as well as the 2030 youth strategy, which is the United Nations youth strategy, which aims to increase inclusive representation, meet their needs and enhance their role.

They also summarized the challenges of youth participation in political work, represented by the electoral system and its law, the law of parties, the dominance of the elderly and their influence, the economic situation and wealth, the absence of government support for the participation of young people in the decision-making process, customs and traditions and the stereotype of the decision-maker, wars and conflicts, financial corruption and fear of The youth movement.

Among the topics that have been introduced are the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals that seek “no poverty, no hunger, good health, well-being, good education, gender equality, clean water, and a healthy environment, renewable energy at reasonable prices, decent work and economic growth, industry, and innovation.” Infrastructures, reducing inequalities, sustainable cities and societies, consumption and production, climate action, life underwater and on land, peace, justice and strong institutions, partnerships to achieve goals, and clarify how to link these goals with the advancement of youth and enhance their role, whether as a target group or as a participant group In achieving sustainable development.

On the second day, the trainer addressed the stages and forms of political participation, political upbringing as a continuous social and educational process that is not limited to a specific stage and is not linked to a specific academic or educational level. And civil society institutions)

The role of civil society in the political participation of youth and how to empower youth and develop their desire for political participation was also identified through (political interest, political knowledge, voting in elections, political demands), and two paragraphs were dedicated in the program to identify and discuss the role of youth in the protest movements. The October Uprising as a model, and the Iraqi Parliament elections. They were active topics that youth contributed by presenting their experiences, evaluation, and visions on the two topics.

Future planning and integrating youth into political work has also been introduced. Young people have prepared preliminary action plans for a number of activities aimed at enhancing their role in the political process, which will be sought and coordinated for implementation in the coming months.

The workshop ended after two days of intensive training on important topics and information to encourage young people to participate in political life, as the training included methods of indoctrination, presentations, working groups and discussion, as well as presenting ideas and experiences by acting. Based on the evaluation of the majority of the youth participating in the workshop, it was described as an important and effective workshop that was used.

At the conclusion of the training workshop, our colleague Vian Sheikh Ali, head of the Tammuz Organization for Social Development, thanked the trainer and all participants for the interaction and commitment to attend and participate and adhere to the health conditions and protocols, especially since this workshop is the first to be held within the program after the Corona pandemic.




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