Tammuz organization attends imitation procedure of counting and sorting devicesDhi Qar Elections CommissionUnder the slogan "Increasing gender balance in decision-making”Tammuz concludes third workshop of the Young Leaders Program for the fourth ClassTammuz Organization concludes a workshop on "Mastering the Tools of Investigative Journalism"Under the slogan of (Gender Equality to build Peace)Tammuz Organization Attends a Lottery for the Electoral Candidates For An Active Electoral ParticipatingTammuz implements first workshop of the Young Leaders Program: Fourth ClassTammuz Organization takes part in a workshop on raising awareness of job opportunities for the unemployedTammuz visits Dhi Qar Elections for latest Developments Discussing report on private sector accountability in IraqTammuz Visits Biometric Updating Centers in Dhi Qar GovernorateThe use of citizen journalism tools in promoting social cohesion: The fourth training workshopTammuz Visits IHEC Office in AnbarUnder the slogan (a fair Electoral System guarantees the participation of all)Tammuz organization participates in a workshop on the recommendations of the Women's Empowerment CenterUsing Citizen Journalism Tools to Enhance Social CohesionIHEC: Visit to Dhi-Qar Office Empowering Female Journalists: Third workshopSeminar in Dhi Qar on early elections and changeSymposium on the phenomenon of human traffickingUsing citizen journalism tools to enhance social cohesionUnder the slogan of (Electoral law ensures the participation of all)Gender—yes to equality no for the differenceTammuz organization visits the IHEC Dhi Qar officeTammuz participates in Data Analysis Workshop Tammuz Participates in second minority conference “Jusur”Second Workshop to Empower Female JournalistsYouth basis for Progress in IraqSessions to Discuss Electoral LawTammuz takes part to distribute health stuffs within a campaign to prevent the spread of COVID-19 pandemic from 23 to 29 September 2020Relationship between legislative and executive authority in IraqWomen's Quota: Empowerment and Participation or Restriction and LimitationDialogue seminar: How far IHEC is able to conduct early elections?IHEC: Between early elections, preparations and challengesMinorities' Quota: Right to Representation and Effectiveness in the Iraqi ParliamentWorkshop to Empower Female Journalists Small or large constituencies for the Iraqi Parliament electionsRaising Citizens’ awareness on Corona-virus in Al-anbarTammuz Organization receives a letter of thanks and gratitudeElection law between rejection and acceptance: first symposium report to discuss election lawOur Campaign sterilize government departments in Dhi -qar“Dialogue Seminar to Employ Young People “Under the slogan of " Together, in solidarity and combining efforts, we will get to Safety"To Protect Fallujah Municipality’s EmployeesVisit to the Dutch Parliament Capacities Improvement Workshop Workshop to announce formation of Young and the launch of “Safe Family” Campaign Political Participation of Women


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Dialogue seminar: How far IHEC is able to conduct early elections?


Dialogue seminar: How far IHEC is able to conduct early elections?


In response to the invitation from the Election Commission Office - Dhi Qar to our organization, our colleagues took part in the dialogue seminar held by the Haboubi Foundation in cooperation with the Election Commission Office - Dhi Qar on 7/9/2020 and in the presence of several representatives of civil society organizations, electoral activists and media professionals in the governorate.

At the beginning of the symposium, Mr. Ahmed Abdel Dakhil and Mr. Raed Aziz from the Electoral Commission Office - Dhi Qar welcomed the attendees, and the implications of the Commission and the elections were presented, including the division of electoral districts into multiple constituencies that were voted on in Parliament, and those constituencies and problems facing The election law the quota for women and minorities, besides the financial allocations, the dismantling of the electoral register according to the electoral law and the delimitation of the districts, and the approval of the election law, and there is also the problem of the Federal Court, and the time frame set for the election day, which was set by the Iraqi government, maybe procedurally insufficient. The Commission, besides the problem of voting abroad, and failing to allocate the financial budget, for the Commission to schedule its operations in preparation for holding the elections, all of these reasons will put pressure on the specified date. Then, the floor was opened for discussion and dialogue on the obstacles, challenges, and proposals that must be adopted to cross to the safe side and hold the elections in their legal form and ensure their integrity.

Media Office

Tammuz Organization for Social Development

7 September 2020

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