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The use of citizen journalism tools in promoting social cohesion: The fourth training workshop


The use of citizen journalism tools in promoting social cohesion: The fourth training workshop


from 27-31 January 2021 in Erbil, Tammuz Organization, in cooperation with Sabaq Center for Media Development, and in partnership with the United Nations Development Program (UNDP), carried out its fourth training workshop within the project (Using Citizen Journalism Tools to Enhance Social Cohesion), over a period of five days with the attendance of 22 young person of both sexes from four Iraqi provinces.


During the first two days, training was held on the topic of "social cohesion and peacebuilding". The first day was devoted to explaining the most prominent effects resulting from the conflicts that occurred in society.

An explanation was also provided on community initiatives, the steps for implementing them, how to present them in the media to contribute to enhancing community cohesion, and the challenges that get in the way of implementing social cohesion initiatives.

Training was also conducted during the last three days of the workshop on topics related to choosing and telling stories and their types, which may be personal, community stories, or topics of changing attitudes, or about help and support, confronting hate speech, or other topics related to pro-diversity and pluralism, such as intermarriage stories, Between different societies, stories of women survivors, or of youth for joint work and communication, stories and obstacles to the way of integrating societies.

The training was also conducted on how to take a picture (its types. Its significance, a distinctive shot), explaining through a practical exercise how to take pictures, and an explanation of mobile applications for photography and editing was provided. Emphasis was also made on the importance of citizen journalism and the impact of technology on it, reviewing the results and identifying the most influential social platforms. Participants were divided into groups for writing and documenting stories, and after presenting group presentations in writing and presenting stories and editing them.

At the conclusion of the training workshop, our colleague Lamis Qahtan Ahmed, coordinator of the Citizen Journalism Project in Promoting Social Cohesion, presented an overview of the organization, its work and its goal in implementing this project, the most important goals and achievements of the organization and the most important issues that it worked on and is still working on. She also thanked the project staff for all the efforts of the trainers who shared their experiences with the participants. And then, certificates of participation were distributed among participants, wishing them success in their media and civic career.


Note that the project of using citizen journalism tools to enhance social cohesion includes the governorates of (Baghdad, Diyala, Anbar, Dhi Qar, Najaf, Salah al-Din, Nineveh and Kurdistan Region).




Media Office

Tammuz Organization for Social Development

31 January 2021

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