Political Participation of Women


Political Participation of Women

 On 3-5 2019, and at the invitation of “Baghdad Women Society”   Tammuz Organization for Social Development participated in a training workshop 


On 3-5 2019, and at the invitation of “Baghdad Women Society”   Tammuz Organization for Social Development participated in a training workshop held in Al-Suliymaniyah Governorate supported by the Norwegian People’s Aid within the project (Strengthening Women’s Participation in leadership and decision making, which is in turn within the campaign of (Our Family We Protect), it was on political participation for women and on the presence of a number of MPs from Baghdad, Babylon , and Erbil in addition to a number of Civil Society Organization Female activists.

At the beginning of the training workshop the attendants were greeted and given a brief overview on the advocative campaign “Our Family we protect” and under the slogan of “Make your fight against domestic violence a law” it was launched in 2015 aiming to conduct a revolution of legislative amendments for policies and regulations concerning women’s rights and in a way that achieves a gender balance contributes to eliminate violence and discrimination against women and girls in the local legislations and the campaign was started with a legislative review.

The objectives of the workshop were summarized as follows: Political empowerment for women of Female MPs in the Iraqi Parliament to make them more efficient and responsive to   claim   women’s rights and priorities and to create a communication mechanism.

The axes of the workshop included several issues, the most important of which are: the concept of women’s political participation, the importance of political participation, its types, classification, levels, its major elements, and stages, (an introduction to its legal framework, Security Council Resolution1325, the fourth international conference in Beijing 1995, CEDAW, International Conference for Human Rights Veinna 1993, Iraqi Constitution, the goals of Sustainable Development are to achieve equality between both sexes and empowering women and girls) the status of women’s political participation , Leadership and the definition of successful Administrative leadership: (Vision, Confidence, Innovation, Participation, education and training, and diversity)

Leadership Principles can be summarized as follows:

-Technical Experience (in terms of work area).


-following up on team work and taking care of it.

Of the most important obstacles facing women’s political participation are the following:

1-Male control.

2-the absence of democratic   and human rights awareness, and the prevalence of tyranny culture.

3- the weakness of democratic powers and civil society in Arab communities and the absence of women’s role in it – the growth of religious sermons- fundamentalism and the control of tribal  and sectarian mentality over and the structure of  the Arab Society, 5- the weakness of the political parties that can be considered as patriarchal.

6-the weakness of women’s participation the Public Affairs and the lack of their joining to parties.  

The most prominent outputs of the workshop was to build a sustainable mechanism of communication among female MPs and activists and enabling them to create a participatory form that serves feminist work and enhances claiming women’s issues and priorities for Iraqi women and girls.  

It’s worth mentioning that Tammuz Organization is one of the organizations that kept pace with advocative campaigns to pass domestic law violence since 2014 in addition to the organization’s activities to women’s economic and political levels through holding workshops and seminars.


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5 December 2019

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